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Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Semi-truck, tractor-trailer, and 18-wheeler accidents are common occurrences on Georgia roads and highways. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 people die as a result of 18-wheeler accidents and big rig collisions in the United States each year with a substantial number of 18-wheeler truck accidents occurring throughout Georgia, every day. Due to the high population and highly congested traffic throughout cities such as Atlanta, Augusta, Albany, Athens, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah.

Georgia drivers are susceptible to the same risk of accidents that drivers across the United States face.  Thousands of people die annually in truck accidents across the nation. Many others are left with injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic. It is in these regrettable situations that you need a Georgia truck accident lawyer to advocate aggressively on your behalf. If you have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident please call our office for a free case evaluation.

Georgia 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Due to the sheer weight difference of a car versus the weight of an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer, accidents that involve commercial vehicles oftentimes result in severe injuries or even death. Compared to the average weight of an automobile, which is only 5,000 pounds, one can easily see how much more dangerous commercial vehicles like an 18 wheeler can be. That is why if you are injured by a semi-truck or commercial vehicle in Georgia, it is important that you choose an experienced Georgia 18-wheeler accident attorney who knows the truck regulations and laws both nationally and for the State of Georgia.

Commercial vehicles go by different names such as:

  1. Big Rig
  2. 18 Wheeler
  3. Tractor Trailer
  4. Truck
  5. Semi

Georgia truck accidents caused by an 18-wheeler, big rig, semi-truck, tractor-trailer, bus, or commercial vehicle are common on Georgia streets, avenues and highways. Many of the semi-truck crashes that occur in the state of Georgia happen in rural areas or on interstate highways.

Types of Trucks

The following trucks do specific things and carry certain types of cargo:

  1. Bob-Tail Trucks
  2. Tanker trucks
  3. Refrigerated trucks
  4. Flatbed trucks
  5. Logging trucks

If you live in Georgia and have a claim for an accident that involved a big rig or an 18 wheeler, you may be entitled to compensation. Complete the free case evaluation form on this website or call our office to speak to a lawyer about your case.